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Communication, both verbal and written, is a significant part of being a good technical professional.  I have been involved in teaching:  providing instruction, giving demonstrations, for many years.  I am also a writer.

I have several styles of documentation.   I have provided some examples below:

Story Style
  • Selinux Essentials.  Secure Linux, aka Linux with SELinux running in Enforcing mode is required on many of the professional servers I administer.  It protects against elevation of privileges exploits.
  • Roadnav.  Roadnav is an in-car gps-mapping system for Linux.  This is a story of how I installed it and started working with it.  This was a project I did on my own for fun.
  • Oracle 10g.  While employed at the Genome Center in the University of Washington, I replaced 5 raid drives in one year on our old database server running Oracle on Solaris 8.  The Solaris providers warned me that all their hardware for our server was either more than 7 years old or was refurbished because Solaris had stopped making new hardware that fit our model more than 7 years ago.  There was nothing else to do but to create a new server that would be on standby in case our current server became unfixable.

Pseudo-code Style
  • nis_server_setup.txt.  Rough, sketchy pseudo-code.  Enough for me to redo it if it needs to be redone.  Another person might need some additional help or not depending on experience.
  • nis_client_setup.txt  Above was for server "duck", this one is for nodes "dnodes".

Step Style