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Secure socket index, https port 443 SSL
I am currently using a self-signed certificate for my SSL because it is only for testing purposes.
When you click into this link you will get a certificate warning and you will need to make a security exception and download the certificate to see how the https works.
After you download the certificate once, you can view the entire site, either in http or https, as you choose, without having to download the certificate again.
Authentication Required
Demonstration of server-side Apache scripting to create a password-protected Website.
use login:  test
password:  test
to see how this works.
SSL is being invoked first (port 443 https), before the login, so that the logins and passwords would be encrypted when sent through the internet.
Privacy policy
install documents
Examples of different styles of technical documentation that I provide.
The essentials of selinux.
custom 404
A "file not found" page.