May 10, 2021

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Run Reports (Display Information):
Contact info for All Members - select criteria
Make Mailing Labels and Email Lists
Display Members Willing to Volunteer
Display Members Who Have Joined or Renewed Since
Display Directors, Current Officers, and Committee Members
Find Existing Members for display info and updates (need to make a 'show company' page)
Need a 'show payments' page
Update Data (Change Information):
Add New Members - checks for existing members first (verify format with new paper membership form)
Receive Dues from Existing Members - displays all current and expired members
Elect/Assign New Directors, Officers, Update Committees
Update Member's Address, Phone, Email, Volunteer, or Committee Status
Change Member Status (single to joint, joint to single, delete members)
  Need an 'update calendar' function

Calendar:  Current and Near Future Tasks

Month After Before Description Info_From Info_To
6 1 6 labels, email for Newsletters Newsletter officer labels to Newsletter assistant

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