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About is a technical portfolio.  All the code and images on this site (with the exception of the two validation images, the Linked-in image, and the Apache image on this page) were created by Meryll Larkin. contains my résumés, scripts, applications; including viewable code samples.  This site contains work that I have provided for my personal site, and projects that I created for others. is hosted on a computer in my home (on my home network) which I built by assembling components more than a decade ago.  I installed all the software and maintain it.  I configured the network, including firewalls.  I upgrade the hardware and software as needed.  I patch and update regularly. 

About Meryll Larkin

I am a Linux System Administrator and Perl programmer, located near Seattle, Washingon, USA.  I deploy computer hardware (photos of hardware I have built).  I install and document software installations (documentation of installations).  I write web applications in Perl (two of my web programs are here).  I write shell scripts and perl scripts (perl and shell script library)

I aim towards "best practices" Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional Valid CSS!.

I am located in the greater Seattle area.  I decades of experience in computer technology; including more than 10 years as senior systems administrator, 4 years as hands-on IT manager.  I provide high involvement, take-charge services in Linux system administration, Perl programming, and database administration including 24/7 uptime support for mission-critical company network and computer systems.

I have designed new hosts, servers, and interactive systems, from a list of the functional needs, turning them into a working solution that fits the budget, with consideration for growth projections.

I am particularly adept at installation and configuration of dedicated specialty servers and/or programs; creating and expanding functionality, automation, documentation, web programming, web architecture, troubleshooting, network technology, functional design, and cybersecurity.

I enjoy keeping current with new technology.  I work well with researchers, scientists, programmers, musicians, and engineers.  I prefer working in companies with between 30 and 300 employees, so that the "big picture" or customer service doesn't get lost in too much departmentalization.

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